Microlink Hair Extensions

Our's Microlink Hair Extensions is the most progressive system utilized in all hair extensions method. It is the most renowned method used in the entertainment and fashion and beauty industry. It will not only provide a stunning look, but also you will feel as real as your own. This innovative and advanced technique of hair extension has proven to be the safest method of hair extensions as it does not need to use burning various chemicals, adhesives, heat, braids, resins and sewing or fusing all of which are known to cause major damage your hair.

Microlink hair extensions method uses single strand one by one methods. Woman who wishes to get highly textured hair for strand-by-strand application basically had to go with this method. In Microlink hair extensions, you can also use hair strands that are different from your hair color to create highlights, low lights or other hair color fashion like pink and blue without damaging your own hair. Your hair extensions should be replace by a new one at in eight weeks for a checkup, at that time you can decide whether you want to re-use the hair extensions and push them up or you want to remove them, if they are well cared people can keep them in for up to 3-4 months, and also depending on how fast your natural hair grows.

Our Hair Extensions salon is a pinnacle of hair salons that deals mainly with micro links hair extensions and we deal only with 100% human hair extensions and we offer the best Microlink based hair extension systems at our New York hair extensions salon. All the people will have one thing commonly in mind it is the wish to have thick long beautiful hair, Our's Hair Salon aim goes, it is that we want to increase length of the people's hair without the damage, that means we always use the best quality products and our services are personal, professional and affordable.

New York hair extensions salon is the legendary innovator in all type of hair extensions. Our salons are ten minutes away from New York City, NYC, NY, Manhattan, area and we do offer service to the people they are from Long Island, NJ, CT, Queens, NY, Astoria, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island areas.