Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are one of the popular methods of hair extensions. They are well loved for their natural appearance along with the very less damage they produce in the scalp and are attached using a wax based keratin protein. There are major two types of fusion hair extension; they are hot fusion hair extension and cold fusion hair extension. NYC Fusion Hair Extensions Salon is the Best Fusion hair extensions salon that offers most different Cold Fusion Hair Methods, such as Ultra Sonic, Laser, Flux, and Air Pressure.

The technique is painless application and this process is easy to apply. As it is a non-surgical technique and hair extensions used in these techniques will last for at least six months. In hot fusion hair extension, hot glue is used to attach the hair extensions with human hair. A hot fusion connector is used to stick fast to the hair extension near the roots of the human natural hair. While using this heated tool, some people will experience damage to the scalp and burns. While cold fusion hair extension uses a different technique that is very safe. When compared to hot fusion method, fusion extensions specialists would say cold fusion is safer than hot fusion because of its applying method.

This type is generally preferred as the safest of all the method as fused hair extensions can last up to three to six months with skilled application and proper care. With fusion hair extensions, the hair extensions should be indistinguishable from your natural human hair. If the method is properly applied, the attachment site should be virtually invisible. The benefit of fusion hair extension method is that it can really look natural as the attachments are invisible. Your natural human hair usually covers the region where the extra hair attachments have been added. No one will be able to differentiate between your natural hair and the extra attachments unless you will tell them.

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In Our hair extensions salon our well trained experts always uses fusion method of extension type. The biggest challenge with adding extensions is making sure that it blends well so that the add-on strands do not stand out. One of the ways to have great tresses is to use the various hair extension techniques that are available in Our hair extension salon. They are safe and would let you have a great hair for a period of long time. It won't look like artificial accessories and would blend beautifully with the natural tresses.