Best Hair Extensions

Our Hair Extensions are real human hair extensions. It is the best quality hair extensions that are used by the celebrities. . The specialty of this Remy hair extension is, the hair is it is picked strand by strand to ensure the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction. So there will not be any chance for tangling.

Our Best Hair Extensions hairs are either sourced from temples or bought from the women who makes money on her hair that are accumulated from combs and brushes after combing or brushing the hair. The hairs that are collected are taken to the factory where it will undergo many process like cleaning, shampooing, conditioning, drying, etc. The hairs are carefully sorted according to size, numbered and are bundled. The hairs are rechecked for the hairs packed together are all same size, length, texture, color, etc accordingly. The individual strands are available as Bulk Hairs that is loose hairs which are used for braiding. Other may used in Wefts, wigs, Clips or any.

The source of hairs for Our Best Hair Extensions is mostly from India. Indian hairs are less subjected to chemical processing so it is long lasting and cost effective. It can be also dyed or bleached to our interest without the fear of any damage or breakage of hair. Especially south Indian hairs are extremely best for its life. Other than Indian we got European, Brazilian, Russian, Chinese hairs also which takes good rate in shops.

Our Hair Extensions Salon provides all types of best hair extensions like Fusion hair extensions, Lace Front Wigs, Microlink hair extensions, Great Length hair extensions, Balmain hair extensions, Scalp hair extensions, Dream Catchers, Lux hair, Hair Netrics and also other services like Hair loss solution, Eye lashes, Skin care, Laser services, Hair repair, Brazilian keratin hair straightening, Massage, Private services, Brazilian waxing and have done over 100,000 Human Hair Additions and Human Hair replacement types. There are many reasons that Our Hair Extensions Salon is the Best because always offers you the opportunity of creating the look you have always wanted and your new hair will behave and feel exactly as your own so you can treat them in the exact same way.

Our hair extensions services and it gives the most natural-looking and longer-lasting in order to reduce the damage that occurring in human scalp. Our best part is the budget that suits for all kind of people and offer all type of hair extensions and hair services at an affordable price. We have been considered as a World Class Hair Extensions Salon, we are doing all the types of hair extensions that offers over seventy Different Hair Extensions Types and offers Same Day Hair consultations and hair extensions. Our hair salon services provide the best application knowledge and service in the beauty industry.

You are free to treat like your own hair if the hair is black or brown in color. But you need extra care for colored hairs like Red. It is suggested to use shampoos and conditioners that are specially designed for that particular color. This is for the life of the hair color. Our Hair Extension Salon, New York offers you 100% Human Hair Extensions at an affordable price. We provide you the best quality Hair Extensions from the popular brand. Our experts are highly trained and give you the best results that you are dreaming of.

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