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HairExtensions.me is all about hair extensions. We are a New York based salon that focuses on hair extensions. We are the leading experts in the field of extensions. We specialize on helping you achieve your hair extensions look at a good price.

Now at our salon no hair is too hard to work on for people who want hair extensions for short hair, extensions for length or volume. Whatever your situation is, we have the right solution in our hair salon. Our clients are global; we are a global hair salon. We match your hair to your color goals. Our staff is full service, meaning we do everything, from the coloring right into the final style. You walk in with a dream of how you want your hair to be, we make it your reality!

Realize when you come to us, we are the original destination for extensions, not one of the many copies in our field. There are many overpriced salons, which only know how to do one or a few different types of extensions. What makes us special is our vast range of types, and our expertise in all hair types.

Being from New York, we serve the heart of the USA. NYC is a destination for many travels from London, Paris, Latin America, Asia, and countries over the world. We have the biggest staff when it comes to extensions, and meeting your extension needs. If staying in a hotel in Manhattan, or the north shore of Long Island, to the beautiful areas in Westchester or Connecticut, you will find our salon is well within traveling distance.

If you have any issues or concerns with your hair, we listen and we care about your needs. NY can be big, and filled with salons, but I am sure you will find our NYC, New York City salon to be a warm place, a place filled with experts and best services.

Flying to the USA? On vacation? Here for only a limited time. Our services are performed on the day you wish. No waits for hair to be ordered. Your hair extensions are done the day you walk into our hair salon! No wonder the competition resorts to dirty tricks! No one can compete on these terms!

Suffer hair loss? Have any form of Alopecia? Our salon does it all, invented things that are 10 years ahead of what others offer. Only Human Hair Extensions. No fakes! No synthetics. Want synthetic? That isn't use. We are the Human Hair Salon. The Salon with 100% Human hair. Words like Fusion of Micro Links extensions might seem foreign to many, but these are what we do!

We do all of the famous hair extensions types. Great Lengths Hair Extensions, HairLocs Hair Extensions, SoCap Hair Extensions, Tape Extensions, and more. Let our experts determine based on your needs what is going to be the extension that will be perfect for your hair.Call us today! No need to wait or look around for other New York City hair extensions. We are the only choice that is fast, reasonable, and expert in nature. It is all about Quality, Quality, and Quality. Want Quality hair extensions? The type of hair extensions that last, that can be reused, the kind that is soft and silky? Well, that is what we offer! The best of the best when it comes to hair extensions. Visit us in NY! Not in New York yet, well visit us when you get here!